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Diana Sirianni (Rome, 1982) studied philosophy, visual art, body therapy. She practices contemporary dance and Re-evaluation counseling (a method for individual and social change). In the first years of her artistic practice she worked between the fields of painting, sculpture, photography, architecture displaying her work internationally in museums, galleries and project spaces. Progressively she shifted to a not-institutional and more critical position, outside the art market. Now she works with performances and interventions in urban space and inquiring the border between education and relational aesthetics. Together with Naama Ityel she created the collective Heart*istic offering workshops between art, activism and education. Throughout her practice and in different contexts she uses an expanded idea of collage (visual, psychological, social..) as a tool to create disruption, resemantization, social transformation.


In the following text I will mention some names. This will help you to shape an image of me and maybe build trust. Please don’t take it too seriously. In the end, who I am has been shaped by these names as much as by my parents, community, history and different forms of knowledge that passed through me.

So here we go:

I’m a Berlin based dancer, choreographer and a somatic educator. I graduated at “Mate Asher dance academy“ in Israel and SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance). As a somatic educator, I work as a Feldenkrais practitioner, yoga teacher and dance teacher. In my teaching, I use the body as a tool to support people in their self-transformative processes and in bringing social change.

I practice different methods of healing and growth such a shamanism, meditation, co-counseling and travelling and bringing those methods and experiences into my teaching.

I’ve danced for choreographers such as: “Emanuel Gat Dance Company“, Colette Sadler, Anne-Mareike Hess and Shai Faran. My two latest choreographies are the solo "Tracy" that was performed around Europe and in Israel and won the third prize and critics award in "Festival of choreographic miniature", Belgrade and “Presentation of Present” that was performed at Galerie Lisa Kandlhofer, Wien.


Heart*istic is active in a territory between art, activism, education offering a platform for discourse and diverse workshop formats.

Its method of work integrates theory and practice and focuses on connection as a condition for learning, growing, changing individually and collectively. Heart*isitc positions itself in the field of neoliberal critique and is inspired by practices such Re-evaluation Counseling, bodywork, contemporary dance, yoga, Feldenkreis, radical softness. Its goals is creating spaces for empowerment, learning and transformation that support creative processes both in the reception of art and as in its creation. Important tools that the collective uses are biographic work, active listening, embodiment and practices of solidarity and appreciation.

We need to feel good about ourselves and in the same time become aware of the oppressive structures that we have around and reproduce in order to change, on an individual and collective level.

The collective offers workshops in different contexts such as schools, universities, art schools, museums, project spaces, institutions for social education and one-to-one coaching to support artistic processes.

Diana Sirianni and Naama Ityel have been facilitated since 2016 processes of empowerment for art-related communities in different contexts such as art schools, museums, dance venues, Berlin's independent art scene. In 2018 they created the collective Heart*istic.