1st meeting: artists' oppression. Definition of creativity, external and internalized oppression, artists' commitment to honor being an artist

led by Diana Sirianni & Naama Ityel


2nd meeting: artists' internalized oppression (competition, the “good artist”, self-exploitment, isolation, invalidation of self and others) 

led by Diana Sirianni & Naama Ityel


3rd meeting: appreciation of yourself and others (through verbal and embodied exercises)

led by Diana Sirianni & Naama Ityel


4th meeting: what is success? Your values as an artist. Writing your artist's manifesto and sharing

led by Diana Sirianni & Naama Ityel


5th meeting: the role of criticism, support your art project, getting support instead of critique

led by Diana Sirianni & Naama Ityel


6th meeting: art & activism

led by Diana Sirianni & Erin Christine Bell


7th meeting: art & activism

led by Diana Sirianni & Naama Ityel


8th meeting: jealousy & competition

led by Pauline Payen & Diana Sirianni


9th meeting: nature & environment

led by Saman Pourisa & Diana Sirianni


10th meeting: creativity and play, how to generate new material

led by Vanessa Thüring 


11th meeting: how to stand in the spotlight while feeling insecure

led by Helena Hentschel 


12th meeting: conversation as an aesthetic experience

led by Pedro Risse


13th meeting: financial precariousness in the art

led by Elena Mazzi & Diana Sirianni at ZK/U - Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik


14th meeting: reconnecting to your motivation for making art

led by Maayan Dannoch


15th meeting: letting go

led by Monica Gentile & Michael McDermott


16th meeting: making a decision and committing to it

led by Naama Ityel

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The Artists' Support Group has been a great process that lasted almost one year between September 2018 and June 2019, with 16 meetings and about hundred international artists participating. We are thankful to all who took part to it. It allowed us to create a connection with many beautiful artists and re-align ourselves with our artistic path. We might continue the group in the future. For the moment we decided to focus on our art production and integrate in it the informations and discoveries we have gathered in the artists' support goup. 





It is a meeting that took place every two weeks in a collective dance studio in Berlin Neukölln. It was open to every person who has creativity in the center of their life or wants to have it, whether if they earn money with it or not. We used different tools such discussion, biographic work, practices of embodiment and games.

Every artist could lead a meeting on a topic that was relevant for them; the collective supported their preparation and took care of the opening and the closing round. This included for the leader 1) to get some time in front of the group to share what was nice and challenging in their preparation and feeling the support of the group; 2) at the end to receive an appreciation from each participant for their leadership. 


Our aim

Our goal was to raise awareness among artists about structural issues, to bring private and public closer and generate support and courage, to remind each other our motivation of being artists and face together the challenges connected to it. In our society it is hard to be an artist and we develop an inner voice that makes us isolated, judgemental, competitive, overproductive and very serious. In the group we shared practices for shifting these patters based on solidarity and appreciation and empower each other against the oppression we experience outside and reproduces inside.

It was important for us that the knowledge we create and share together was embodied, that the meetings created an experience which is not only intellectual but also emotional and transformative.